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    Man's shaved head with diseased skin, acne and eczema

    5 Ways to Treat Scalp Acne That Are Proven to Work

    One of the most uncomfortable places that we can get acne at is on our scalp. Yet scalp acne appears to be more common than we think it is.

    What are scalp acne?

    Scalp acne are whiteheads, pimples, acne, and blemishes found directly on the scalp. It typically occurs along the hairline and can be found throughout the scalp. How are they formed?

    Scalp acne can result from any one of these instances below or a combination of them:

    1. An overproduction of sebum or oil on the scalp
    2. A buildup of dead skin cells and dirt in the hair follicles
    3. Inflammation in the blocked hair follicle
    4. An increase in acne bacteria

    How do we treat scalp acne effectively?


    1. Use the correct shampoo

    For those with an oily scalp, use an oily scalp shampoo or a purify shampoo to deep clean the scalp and unclog hair follicles and sebum build-ups. Look out for ingredients like salicylic acid which helps to break up oil and dead skin cells on the scalp. You can find salicylic acid in the PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Purify Shampoo, which also contains rice stem cells to help remove dandruff flakes and regulate sebum production.


    2. Natural remedies

    For the more adventurous and those who dislike chemicals on your hair, you can try a tomato juice rinse – natural and organic! Tomatoes are super high in salicylic acid content which makes it nature’s way of treating acne. It also helps to establish a healthy pH balance for your hair. Give your hair a tomato juice rinse daily and not only will your scalp be free of acne, you will also be sporting glowing hair to envy.

    You can also find the powerful hair softening and moisturising properties of tomato stem cells in the PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Nutrition Conditioner and FEM Fortify Conditioner.


    3. Stop adding oil to your scalp

    Like how you won’t be feeding fuel to fire, avoid using greasy hair products such as deep moisturising masks or hair repair treatment on your breakout-prone. Use such products strictly on the dry or damaged hair lengths and ends instead.


    4. Exfoliate

    Use a gentle exfoliating scalp treatment to reduce the build-up of dead skin cells clogging up your scalp. PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Elixir is a cult favourite exfoliating serum that offers a non-abrasive yet thorough exfoliation of the scalp. The easy-to-use home scalp treatment is a cure-all for every scalp condition and problem – including hair loss, sensitive scalp, oily scalp or dandruff, and scalp acne. Use once to three times a week for dandruff, and oily and acne-prone scalp.


    5. Seek professional way when problem is severe

    While some of these solutions may provide immediate results, note that they remain short-term benefits unless the root of the issue — oily scalp — is treated. This is why it is important to integrate regular scalp care into your routine, especially if your problem is severe or chronic.

    Speak to our scalp and hair specialists for an in-depth analysis and personalised treatment for your scalp condition today. Click here to book your appointment for your complimentary scalp analysis at PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

    Alternatively, check out our range of oily scalp treatment products for both male and female here.



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