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    5 Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff, Fast

    Dandruff is one of the worst hair problems you can have. The white flakes dusting your shoulders are unsightly, and the simple act of flicking your hair can be completely embarrassing. Most people reach for an anti-dandruff shampoo to treat the problem, but not all anti-dandruff products are equal. Some work for a while, only to have the dandruff recur worse than before. Sometimes, the formulations could be too harsh, irritating the scalp further and causing other problems like an imbalanced scalp or dry, unmanageable hair. So how do you get rid of dandruff fast – and effectively?

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    1. Good hygiene is non-negotiable.

    It seems like a no-brainer but keeping the scalp clean and free of dirt, sweat, environmental toxins, product residue and other impurities is vital when treating dandruff. One shampoo is often not enough, which is why we advocate double cleansing with shampoos designed for that purpose.

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    2. It’s a myth that you don’t need to shampoo daily.

    Not shampooing daily is a common piece of haircare advice. However, context is everything. In a cold and dry climate, over-washing your hair can indeed lead to problems. In the hot and humid climate of tropical Singapore, however, we sometimes perspire even when we are standing still. Skipping just one day of hair washing can result in scalp itchiness. So the number one rule to fighting dandruff? Shampoo every day – keep your scalp clean to keep it healthy.

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    3. Use the right products.

    Tackling an oily scalp is not like scrubbing grease off kitchen counters – you don’t want any harsh formulations that kill off both good and bad bacteria, and strip the scalp and hair of beneficial natural oils. Instead, opt for an anti-dandruff shampoo that is gentle but effective.

    The ADV Purify Shampoo is specially formulated to care for oily, dandruff-prone scalps. It cleanses thoroughly to remove flakes and keeps the scalp comfortably balanced. Your hair will no longer appears flat, limp and greasy by mid-day, despite shampooing just that very morning!

    ADV Purify Shampoo 200ml

    4. Nourish scalp with a tonic

    The equivalent of a powerhouse skincare serum, the ADV Purify Tonic refreshes the scalp instantly and restores balance by regulating natural sebum production and skin cell renewal rate. It instantly relieves itching while fighting off dandruff-causing micro-organisms.

    ADV Purify Tonic 100ml

    5. Seek professional help and treatment for immediate, longer-lasting results.

    If your dandruff keeps coming back despite your best efforts, or if you are looking for fast, immediate results, seek professional help for a scalp treatment, pronto. Dandruff can be controlled, and really, no one needs to live with a confidence-dampening problem like that. More importantly, scalp disorders can worsen when left untreated, causing serious problems like infection, scarring or even hair loss. So don’t wait till it’s too late!

    If instant results sound good to you, try the brand-new H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (H2 ASRT), which tackles scalp disorders on a cellular level for more in-depth, lasting results. Molecular hydrogen, a powerful super antioxidant, is used for Cell Purification to eliminate damaging free radicals. Crucial cell repair is then carried out to restore cellular health and improve overall scalp health. Available in six variants, H2 ASRT will unclog and remove dead skin cells, leaving your scalp clean, refreshed and free of dandruff flakes.


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