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    5 Simple Secrets to Healthy Scalp and Hair That You Will Love Yourself for Knowing


    Make Conditioner a Staple

    No lazy days and no excuses. When it comes to smoothing frizz and making hair instantly softer and shinier, nothing works as well as conditioner. But did you know? Conditioner is also the best heat protectant, and even more crucial for those of you who flat iron or blow dry your hair daily. A good conditioner coats hair strands with a protective layer that doesn’t weigh your hair down.


    ADV Nutrition Conditioner for all hair types


    Use your oldest, most comfy tees for drying

    There’s nothing that dries hair as gently as an old cotton tee. That’s because they don’t rough up the hair cuticles as much as even the softest towels. This means less effort goes into smoothing out the hair to make it look shiny and healthy. Yes, you may have to sacrifice your favourite sleeping tee for your hair.


    Bottle of PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Elixir for scalp exfoliation


    Treat your scalp and hair right – every week

    Weekly scalp treatments and deep conditioning makes all the difference to having a mane you can be proud of. A weekly exfoliant like ADV Elixir keeps the hair follicles clean and free of blockage that can lead to hair loss and thinning. After a thorough cleansing, pamper your scalp with ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask, a restorative formula that heals and calms inflammation and irritation. Follow with an ADV Hair Mask suitable for your hair type and let the rich botanical formulations soak in for intensive nourishment and hydration.


    ADV Soothe Scalp Mask


    Eat a healthy diet

    Hair is made up of keratinised protein, which makes protein the essential building blocks of our crowning glory. But because hair is a non-essential organ, the body doesn’t send protein its way until essential organs like the heart or liver have been taken care of. That’s why it’s important not just to eat healthy but to also eat enough – so the body has adequate protein to send to all the places it’s needed. Iron is also an important nutrient, especially for women, as studies have linked iron deficiency to female-patterned hair loss.

    FEM Fortify Bundle Kit for mild hair loss and thinning

    Swap products according to your needs

    It’s an old myth that you have to stick to one product. Our scalp skin does not always stay the same. Just like facial skin, the scalp is influenced by factors like hormonal changes, stress levels and weather conditions. Instead of trying to fix myriad ever-changing problems with one product, have a “suite” of products on-hand to target different situations. For instance, if you are suffering from both dandruff and hair loss, it’s more effective to alternate the FEM Fortify anti-hair loss range with ADV Purify dandruff-control range. Use FEM Fortify as your primary range, swapping to ADV Purify for 2-3 days whenever the dandruff flares up.

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