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5 Signs That Tell You Your Hair is Thinning


And whether you need to get shampoos to encourage hair growth

Female Hair Loss

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, know that female hair loss and thinning can happen at any age. (This is why when you shop for a hair loss shampoo in Singapore, you may notice that unlike, say, anti-ageing skincare, products often target the severity of the condition, rather than focus on age, even though age is also very much a factor in female hair loss, which is why we have our AGE Defy range. But that is a blog post for another day.)

Also, hair loss doesn’t happen overnight, although it would usually have progressed for a while before it’s significant enough for most people to notice that it’s happening.

Before you freak out, remember that a certain amount of hair fall can be expected on a daily basis, with the number ranging from 50 to 125 strands. There can also be isolated incidences of increased hair loss, such as when you wash your hair after not shampooing for two days, you may find more hair on the shower drain – this is pretty normal and nothing to fret about.

When, then, should you start to reach for that hair fall shampoo? Read on to find out.

Bald Patches1. You notice bald patches.
Concentrated spots or coin-sized patches of hair loss are a clear indicator that something is wrong. Sometimes, those areas of the scalp may feel itchy or painful before the hair falls out.

hair-comb2. Your hair comes out in clumps.
If you run your fingers through your hair and you find yourself effortlessly removing clumps of hair instead of just individual strands, it’s time to pay attention, because you may have a serious case of hair thinning.
receding hairline3. Your parting has widened and your scalp is more visible
While men tend to see a receding hairline, women typically lose hair more evenly throughout the scalp. This means that you may notice a broader parting and see more of your scalp at the crown of your head, or near your temples when your hair is pulled back.
4. Your ponytail has shrunk.
Do you find yourself looping your hair elastic one or two more turns than before? If your ponytail or top knot is feeling thinner than you’re used to, you may be experiencing excessive hair fall.
pillow5. You notice more hair on your pillow
If, along with one or more of the above, you are finding more hair on your pillow, on the shower drain after shampooing or in your hairbrush, it may be a cause for concern and time to seek out professional help or try out a hair growth shampoo.