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    5 More Surprising Reasons For Women Hair Loss & How To Fix It

    Hair fall is a major concern for both men and women. Hair fall patterns are different in both genders so understanding the root of your problem aids in establishing the best cure. In Part 1 of this Article, we discussed some primary causes of hair loss in women. Here are more causes and the best treatment for it.


    Protein Deficiency

    Our hair is basically made of Keratin which is a kind of protein in itself. Hence, our hair requires a decent amount of protein to stay healthy and shiny all the time. Lack of protein makes our hair rough and can lead to hair loss, according to a Dermatology Practical & Conceptual report. The effects are not immediate – experts say that our hairs fall after two to three months of protein deficiency.

    One simple way to avoid hair loss due to lack of protein is to take sufficient amount of milk, eggs, fish liver in your diet. These are protein rich foods that keep your hair healthy. They also provide more shine to your hair.


    Iron Deficiency

    As much as our hair needs proteins, they equally need iron to stay strong. According to studies, 10 percent of women are affected by hair fall due to iron deficiency. The problem is also commonly known as Anemia. It’s not too easy to figure out Anemia as a cause of hair fall. Doctors need blood tests to conclude whether iron deficiency is the reason for hair falling off your scalp.

    Taking iron supplements upon doctor’s recommendation can be quite helpful. Spinach and iron rich vegetables are also important to fight iron deficiency.



    This is a problem where the thyroid glands are not active enough. Hence they do not produce enough hormones. Ultimately, this lack of hormones affects your hair growth cycle and your hair tend to shed more than normal.

    Several thyroid supplements and medications are available which you can use after a doctor’s approval.


    Over-efficient Immune System

    Sometimes, our body has an overly active immune system. Lupus is one such problem where our body considers hair as a foreign element. Hence our immune system attacks hair causing them to fall. One big problem with this is that our hair do not grow back. Hence, it leaves a scarring impression on our scalp.


    weighing scale to show change in weight


    Weight Loss

    Abrupt change in weight is also known to be cause for hair fall. Such weight loss can end up stressing out your body at times. Ultimately, our hair become thinner and start to fall more than normal.

    Experts suggest that as soon as you overcome weight loss, your hair fall problem will also recover but it can take around six months for things to get back to normal.


    Tackle Your Problem From The Roots

    This guide serves to provide a breakdown to common causes to aid you in identifying what may be the underlying problem that leads to your hair loss. At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, our range scalp treatments aim to nurture hair follicles to its normal growth function — the first key step to combating hair loss and hair thinning.

    Our scalp and hair specialists provide hair loss diagnosis to identify the root of your hair loss problem to determine the best treatment for your scalp.

    Book an appointment for a complimentary hair and scalp scan and treatment at PHS HAIRSCIENCE to combat hair loss today.

    Alternatively, check out our range of hair loss treatment products for both male and female to get a healthy, natural hair growth.


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