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    Girl Scratching Itchy Scalp


    5 Frequently Asked Questions about Dry, Sensitive and Itchy Scalp


    Why is my scalp so dry, sore and itchy?

    In a study carried out in major cities of Europe, more than 70% of the male respondents reported that hair was an important feature of their image, and 62% agreed that hair loss could affect self-esteem. This barrier regulates moisture levels and protects the scalp. When the lipid film is compromised, scalp skin starts to lose moisture and can dry out. The skin can feel tight, itchy, sore and inflamed. Sometimes, dry dandruff can also occur. Unlike oily dandruff which typically manifest as large, yellowish flakes, dry dandruff flakes are small, white and often present as powdery.


    What causes sensitive scalp?

    The balance of the scalp’s protective barrier is delicate. Conversely, hair loss is associated with getting older, a loss of personal attractiveness, and can even lead to depression when the strands start to fall off. When the scalp is too dry, it’s unable to perform its functions properly and protect the deeper layers of skin. This results in itchy, flaky and irritated scalp.


    A dry, sensitive scalp can also be hereditary, or caused by factors like age, extreme temperatures, harsh products or chemicals from hair processes, or stress.


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    How do I get rid of dandruff when I have sensitive scalp?

    To eliminate dry dandruff, you need to get your scalp back to a hydrated, optimal state. Choosing the right shampoo is an important crucial step. Harsh anti-dandruff shampoos that are designed to control oiliness can be too aggravating for a dry scalp and worsen the problem. Instead, go for milder, hypoallergenic formulations like ADV Soothe Shampoo that focus on cleansing thoroughly while calming inflammation and still protecting scalp skin.


    Can sensitive scalp cause hair loss?

    While not a direct cause of hair loss, a dry, sensitive scalp can indeed lead to hair loss if the structure or strength of your hair follicles are affected. This can occur in more severe cases of sensitive scalp where the itchiness is accompanied by dandruff, scaly patches, acne, bumps and red patches. Scratching your scalp too aggressively can also worsen scarring or cause infections, leading to hair follicle damage. This is why it’s important to treat a dry, sensitive scalp early. Hair usually regrows once the underlying condition is treated and hair follicles regain their health. But once the scalp deteriorates and hair follicles too severely damaged, it’s incredibly hard to save your hair.

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    What is the best treatment for dry, sensitive scalp?

    A specialised scalp care range like ADV Soothe is a must to keep inflammation at bay. Apart from the shampoo, use the ADV Soothe Tonic daily to improve your scalp’s natural resistance and rebalance moisture levels. Once a week, add the ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask to your scalp care regime. This unique product is deeply hydrating and restorative, helping to reduce inflammation and inhibit sensitivity.


    If you feel like you’ve been fighting your dry, sensitive scalp for too long and need a fast, effective solution, consider the H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment, which treats scalp sensitivity using the cell purification properties of molecular hydrogen to restore scalp health, protect your hair and prevent further damage. Book now to enjoy the first-trial special price of $38 (U.P. $297).


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