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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ 4 ways to control hair loss

    Hair loss is a disconcerting problem for most people who are faced with it. It can be quite stressful to see your hair dropping excessively and feeling helpless. Although there are numerous hair growth treatments available in the market, these treatments can costly. Americans spend in excess of $3.5 billion on hair treatments annually.

    In addition, drugs taken orally to combat hair loss have been reported to have many side effects by their users. In this article, we explore natural remedies that you can implement in addition to having hair loss treatments to achieve a holistic hair loss cure.

    • Massage, the Basic therapy

    The best and basic inflamed scalp treatment comes in the form of head massage. The science behind massaging your head is that it conditions the follicles. Massaging the scalp increases blood flow, strengthens the roots of your hair and boosts the skin’s nutrient absorption abilities. Massaging also dislodges dandruff, which contributes to hair fall.

    Last but not least, massaging the scalp stimulates hormone production that reduces stress, another major contribution factor to hair loss.

    • Knowing Your Scalp Type

    Knowing your scalp type and then using the corresponding products allow the hair follicles to function at optimum level in order to stop hair fall and sustain healthy hair growth.

    • Nutritional Food Intake

    A nutrient-rich diet is important if you wish to keep your hair healthy. The following nutrients are quite vital for your hair health:

    • Protein

    Hair is primarily Keratin, a type of protein. Hence, protein content in your food is key. Common sources of protein rich food- eggs, milk, beans, sea food, yogurt. Once your body receives ample protein, you will see visible changes in your hair and scalp health.

    • Iron

    Iron carries oxygen throughout your body. Deficiency of hinders blood circulation to your hair follicles. It weakens the hair and they ultimately fall. Common sources of iron- egg yolks, red meat, leafy vegetables, beans, liver and mollusks.

    Other Vitamins and minerals that have direct impact on your hair health include: Zinc, Vitamin B and C.

    • Stress Management

    If you are taking care of all the necessary nutrient requirement as well as massaging your scalp and yet the problem persists then it’s all in your head. And by that, we mean that you are stressed out. Managing your stress becomes crucial and for that you can take necessary actions to keep this in check.

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