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    chemical treatment on hair

    3 Ways Chemical Treatments Cause Hair Loss & How You Can Treat It

    Many of us invest a great amount of time, care, and money in hair treatments, perms, hair bleaching and colouring, hair rebonding and straightening so that our hair looks good. But did you know that your hair is suffering each time you step out from the salon and that these chemical treatments are one of the contributing causes of hair loss?


    How do chemical treatments cause hair loss?

    One cause of hair loss is damaged hair follicles as a direct result of chemical damage. Hair and grooming treatments such as perms, hair dyes, and straighteners all contain chemicals and when our hair is exposed excessively to the chemicals from these treatments, our hair follicles can get damaged in the process. Damaged hair follicles cannot grow new, healthy hair. Thankfully, most of these chemical damages are temporary and treatable.


    What type of chemical treatments contribute to hair thinning and hair loss?


    1. Heat styling apparatus such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers.

    Heat styling apparatus can cause heat damage to the scalp when used again and again. This will eventually lead to hair thinning, brittle hair, frizz, split ends, and hair loss.


    2. Salon treatments that include hair colouring, perming, straightening and rebonding

    The chemicals used in hair colouring, bleaching and sometimes in keratin treatments to soften and tame our frizzy hair can sometimes be super harsh and cause hair loss. Chemical trauma happens when the hair follicles become sufficiently damaged by these chemicals that they burn the scalp. Hair loss treatment is possible when the chemical burns are severe enough to harm the hair follicles but not cause permanent scarring on the scalp. However. should the burns be more extreme and cause scarring to the scalp, hair growth can only be made possible through surgical hair restoration.

    Perming, straightening and rebonding use high heat and strong chemicals to restructure the keratin bonds in our hair to achieve the look we desire. When we subject our hair to constant restructuring stress, they can become brittle and prone to breakage as the chemicals have depleted all the nutrients and moisture that keep the hair from looking vibrant.


    3. Hair products such as hair wax and hair spray

    woman using hair spray

    Hair wax and gels when not applied properly, can settle on the scalp skin thus blocking the scalp skin from breathing. When compounded, this can constrict the hair follicles, make them weak, thus causing hair thinning and hair loss. Likewise, the high concentration of alcohol present in sprays dehydrates hair strands and irritates the scalp skin, resulting in poor scalp health. When our scalp health is not at its optimum, our hair follicles are not able to absorb nutrients effectively and hair loss and hair thinning become a problem.


    What can we do for our chemically-damaged hair now?

    It all starts with a healthy scalp! Depending on the extent of the chemical damage, hair follicles that have been damaged by chemicals can be restored to life with good scalp care treatments or hair treatments to promote hair growth!


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Stem Cell Solution

    This is a patented cell-signalling programme designed to combat hair loss at the cellular level. Backed-by science and developed together with Korean trichologists, it is a non-invasive salon-based hair treatment and contains growth factors and stem cell technology that effectively reactivates dormant and inactive follicle cells for hair regrowth and melanin production. Proven effective by many, there are no side effects, no downtime, and it is the perfect solution for your hair loss and hair thinning concerns!

    Depending on the extent of the chemical damage, our scalp care experts will advise the treatment programme accordingly.


    ADV Repair Home Care

    Consistency is also a key to maintaining a head of beautiful and luscious hair and promoting hair growth. Hence, besides the scheduled salon-based treatments, we also encourage you to practice good hair care habits at home. PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Repair Range is created to equip hair follicles with nutrients to restore the hair’s structural bonds and make them stronger, more elastic, and healthier.

    A recommended home care regime looks like this:


    Daily routine:

    Step 1: Start your cleansing routine with a double cleanse using ADV Repair Shampoo + ADV Nutrition Shampoo. Gently massage them into scalp, working up a creamy lather and then rinsing thoroughly.

    Step 2: Moisturise with ADV Repair Conditioner. Apply it on damp hair, avoiding the scalp and leave it on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing it off.

    Step 3: Treat with ADV Repair Hair Essence. End the regime with a reparative leave-in treatment that restores hair elasticity and strength.


    Weekly routine:

    Step 1: Exfoliate with ADV Elixir, a scalp primer, to enhance the scalp’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from subsequent scalp care products.

    Step 2: Nourish with ADV Repair Hair Mask for highly restorative hair treatment to repair and nourish weakened and severely damaged hair. Apply a generous amount on washed and towel-dried hair. Massage into hair through the lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp. Leave on 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use at least once a week.


    You are not alone

    It can be frustrating and worrying when you realised that the treatments that you are doing to make your hair look good are actually harming them at the root level. Do not worry for we are here for you and would love to walk the journey to beautiful and luscious hair together with you. Come in for a free consultation with our scalp care experts as we professionally and accurately diagnose your scalp health and work out a treatment plan with you.

    Book your appointment with us today.

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