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    3 Top Self-care Tips That You Can Use This Weekend to Destress


    • Step 1, nourish the mind.

    Listen to an audiobook while you do yoga

    Pick an audio version of your favourite book, go with the new author that’ve you been meaning to try, or pick any study of mindfulness by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Put it on your AirPods and get working on your Warrior pose. Don’t focus too hard on the book narration, just keep breathing and let the words and phrases drift in and out while you feel the effort of your body holding still.


    Step 2, nourish the body.

    Master a recipe and take a moment to savour your hard work

    Pick a dish recipe that you love (tip: if the picture makes you salivate, it works) and save the recipe. Shop for the ingredients without rush, making the freshness, healthfulness and goodness of the produce a priority. Once you’ve gathered the ingredients and before you start cooking, put on your favourite playlist. When the cooking is done, plate the dish with intention and make it look appetising and appealing. Finally, feed yourself, your family, your posse. Enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth with the people you love.


    Step 3, nourish the soul.

    Take a pampering one-hour shower

    Go for the ultimate head-tingling hair spa experience. What usually takes three hours in a spa can be achieved in just one – in the comfort of your own home. All you need: ADV Elixir, ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask and any ADV Argan Oil Treatment Mask.

    Start with ADV Elixir, a potent serum exfoliant that’s suitable even for sensitive skin. It lifts dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and impurities, making the scalp feel cleaner than it has ever been. Massage into the scalp with strong fingers – it will feel amazing since the scalp has an abundance of nerve endings. Leave on unwashed scalp for 10 minutes, then shampoo as usual.


    ADV Soothe Scalp Mask


    Follow with ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask, a specialised formulation intended only for the scalp. Apply liberally for intense rehydration and nourishment. This mask eases itching and other irritations, leaving the scalp comfortably fresh and rejuvenated. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

    Next, focus on the hair strands with ADV Argan Oil Treatment Mask. Apply a generous amount through hair lengths and ends, scrupulously avoiding the scalp. Rinse thoroughly after 5-15 minutes to unveil a new mane that is smooth as the finest silk.

    Tip: It helps to have a robe, a comfortable seat and a drink for the waiting periods. Stash away the phone. Instead, lie back, relax and visualise the worries of your mind ease away.

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