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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ 2 major reasons for hair loss

    Hair loss is part and parcel of a person’s life. On average a person loses 100 strands on daily basis. It is not a point to worry because it is a part of the growth process of hair. It is a biological process that is quite essential in maintaining the beauty of your hair so that they keep shining all the time.

    Hair loss with such density is common. However, things can turn ugly if the number of strands that you lose starts creeping up. There could be several reasons why a person loses hair. Sometimes, there is no reason at all and it just happens naturally. In such cases, hair growth treatments can redeem your hair growth and bring back the good times for you.

    A person can lose hair quite quickly when they are faced with a certain disease. In this article today, we will discuss a few common diseases as to how they really affect the hair health of a person. Treatments and medicines can be helpful in reducing and getting rid of hair loss in such situations. We will see that as we progress further into this article.

    The Primary Reason

    The basic reason why a person tends to lose hair in certain health conditions is that the body becomes weak. The hair don’t get enough nutrient and nourishment that is essential for their growth. In such conditions, doctors may prescribe special medicines separately just to counter hair fall in patients.

    Hair loss From Diabetes

    Diabetics will understand how much a problem hair fall can be. It is one of the common by products of diabetes. Hair loss is one of the symptoms of diabetes. Usually, it is accompanied with frequent urination, frequent thirst and dry mouth.

    The major reasons why diabetes is a contributor to hair loss are given as follows:

    1. High Blood Sugar Levels: When the sugar level rises in the blood, it keeps oxygen from reaching follicles. Due to such improper blood circulation, hair don’t get enough nourishment. Therefore, they start breaking and falling at a rapid speed.

    2. Immune System Weakness: In diabetes, a person’s immune system tends to weaken. When the body’s ability to fight with internal threats reduces, it automatically affect the body parts. Hence hair also suffer from it.
    There are numerous other ways in which diabetes can cause hair fall, namely stress, hormone disorders, bad blood circulation and also the use of some drugs and medication.

    Cholesterol and Hair Loss

    Hair loss and cholesterol have been considered to have connections. Normally, aging people can face both the problems at once. According to a few researches, high level cholesterol is considered to be a reason for hair fall. With high level of cholesterol, arteries seem to get blocked with time. Hence, oxygen and nutrient are not able to reach follicles. Hence hair roots are deprived of nourishment.

    Cholesterol Medications

    Several medicines for cholesterol are also considered to be a cause of hair fall. Hence, one should seek guidance from physicians regarding use of medicines if they are to avoid hair fall.

    Having said that, hair fall due to cholesterol is not a major issue. Some people go for Inflamed Scalp Treatment in such cases. It is advisable that they do it with the consent of their doctor.

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