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Hair Care 101: How to Maintain Healthy Hair


hair care 101

Maintaining healthy hair is tough in today’s times of hectic travel, less rest, lack of nutrition, and polluted environment. Keeping hair shiny and healthy, nevertheless, is a requirement if you want to look sharp, and feel good. Good hair is never merely a matter of genes. Continuous maintenance, regular cleaning and conditioning, backed by fulfillment of daily nutritional requirements, are the most important steps to maintain healthy hair. To know the essentials of keeping your hair healthy, read on.

Shampoo as regularly as required

Keeping dandruff and flakes off your scalp can be done by washing your hair and scalp regularly, but experts warn against too much washing, because it can wipe essential oils off the scalp. Wash your hair three times a week. This would help prevent overproduction of sebum. Straight hair should be washed more often. Always massage the scalp when shampooing, and do invest in a quality shampoo. Opt for botanical shampoos such as the ADV Nutrition Shampoo from PHS Hairscience keeps the scalp soft.

Use conditioners in the right way

Using a conditioner is imperative, if you have colored hair. The same is the case for curly hair. While applying, make sure you are putting it on the roots because this helps make the scalp greasy. To treat dryness, use a conditioning product that is oil based, for instance, the ADV Argan Oil Hair Mask. After shampooing, take a small amount and apply evenly on to your hair. Rinse after 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process thrice a week.

Regular hair treatments

Using natural ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, avocados, eggs, honey, and lemon, among others, can provide regular nourishment to your hair. It can be done for most hair problems and provides overall deep conditioning. DIY treatments and professional treatments are easily available. PHS Hairscience, for instance, provides customized treatments for each hair types and conditions (for eg, oily scalp). Using rare Korean herbs along with traditional acupuncture techniques, PHS Hairscience labs is also Singapore Service Class certified, and is currently offering absorption of GST in all its products and services in-stores for the month of September!

Treat your hair gently

Teasing, or backcombing your hair is a common styling tip. However even though it creates volume when styling, it ruins the hair texture. Also avoid using super tight hair ties and go with scrunchies which are gentler on your hair. Tight hair ties tend to pull your hair back real tight which increases friction, causing breakage.