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Guide to Braiding Your Hair


guide to braiding your hair

Braiding tutorials on the internet might not always solve the problem for you. Moreover, tips on braiding in different styles confuse you to no end. The truth is that following a few tips can help you get your braid right, every time. The key to good braiding is practice, along with good practices like hair spa. Read on for complete information on braiding your hair the right way.

Steps on parting

– Get hair spa at a good salon for lusciousness and natural bounce.

– Create three separate sections to the left, right and middle.

– Drop the left section between the right and the middle sections.

– Pull and drop the right section between the left and middle sections.

– Repeat the above until except for a few inches at the bottom.

– Use a hair tie to secure the end.

Be careful with the parting 

Hair stylists are of the opinion that the part should fall naturally. You can determine this by brushing all the hair back and letting it fall down to form the parting. Forcing the parting can lead to hair fall. In such cases, seek timely hair loss treatment.

Make the braid tighter 

This is very similar to when you curl your hair. Begin with a tighter plait to maintain firmness throughout the day. Loose braids unravel in no time and can be very messy. However, if you want a more relaxed look, loosen it towards the end.

If you are afraid your hair may look unintentionally messy, finish with a mild hair cream. Try PHS Hairscience’s ADV Hydration Cream, which is filled with hydrating agents and plant extracts.

Wet braids are better 

These can be done right after your hair spa. Moreover, wet braids hold better, since the hair is tighter when wet. This is especially effective for Singapore’s hot summer weather. Braiding wet hair also helps prevent flyaway. However, if this doesn’t work, keep some bobby pins handy to keep the flyaway into place.

Avoid flyaway with hairsprays 

Hairsprays are indispensable when it comes to braiding, since they help prevent stray hair. However, when using a hairspray, make sure to do it before wearing any ornaments. Hairsprays can provide hold when using a teasing comb for texture. The ADV Detangling Spray is an award-winning product and is suitable for all hair types. It is packed with sunflower extracts and rose oil.

Experimenting with other styles 

Styles like the French braid and the fishtail can get complicated. On the other hand, a five-strand beard is useful when the hair is greasy or unwashed. It also keeps flyaway from getting entangled. However, if you want your braid to look thicker and elegant, you can use hair extensions. Temporary hair extensions can be easily applied to the root and are available in a number of styles.

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