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Five Tips to fix, repair and treat damaged hair


tips to fix, repair and treat damaged hair

Although you can quickly damage your hair if you don’t care for it, repairing it on the other hand, is a whole other story because it takes time. For those who have damaged hair, the good news is that there are a handful of solutions you can try in order to turn back the clock and make your hair healthy again.

Notice the damage early

When you notice that your hair is in the early stages of becoming damaged, it is a good thing as you can start treating it immediately. There are plenty of shampoos and hair treatments on the market that can repair damaged hair and restore your hair to its natural health. Opt for the award-winning ADV Argan Range that milks the natural benefits of Morrocan Argan oil for silky smooth hair.

Visit the hair dresser for a good trim

If the ends of your hair have many split ends or a dry, straw like texture, it may be a sign that it is time for you to get a trim. When the ends of your hair are damaged, there are higher chances that they may break off more easily. Thin scraggly strands of hair will also ruin the entire look of your hair no matter how well you style it.

Avoid using hot styling tool

When your hair is damaged, using tools like blow dryers and straightening irons will only add to the damage and cause long-term problems. Cutting down on such tools and applying targeted shampoos and conditioners will help you to restore your hair to its natural health much faster. However, for those who have to blow dry their hair, it is recommended to lower the heat settings on your styling tool so that you will not cause further damage to your hair.

Temporary cease the use of hair colour and chemicals

If your hair is extremely damaged, it is advisable for you to stop using any chemicals that may be harmful to your hair. Most hair dye products are known to have strong bleaches in them that can easily damage your hair, making it even harder to repair. If you have a stylist or a hairdresser that you go to on a regular basis, you should ask them to use a gentler approach when colouring your hair, like using semi-permanent and ammonia-free formulas.

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Protect damaged hair when swimming

If you swim frequently, you should wear a swimming cap when you’re in the swimming pool in order to prevent chlorine touching your hair. Chlorine is a chemical that is found in most swimming pools and can cause long term hair damage.  If you swim without wearing a swimming cap, you should wash the chlorine out your hair straight after with a gentle shampoo in order to reduce the damage.

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