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    ADV Repair Conditioner


    (58 customer reviews)

    Ultra-moisturising conditioner that visibly repairs hair and leaves tresses hydrated, strengthened and healthier-looking.



    Suitable For:

    Severely Damaged by Chemical Processes

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    This ultra-moisturising conditioner feeds severely damaged hair with an Advanced Hydrating Berry Complex and nourishing oils, visibly repairing hair and leaving your tresses hydrated, strengthened and healthier-looking. Nutrient-rich ingredients coat hair strands to repair and preserve hair cuticles while protecting against environmental stresses and further damage. Comes in 200ml.

    • Visibly repairs hair damage for healthier looking hair
    • Nutrient-rich ingredients repair and preserve hair cuticles
    • Protects against environmental stress and further damage

    Key Ingredients:

    Pure Argan Oil

    • Deeply penetrates and hydrate hair strands
    • Protects against UV stress and pollutants

    Berry Complex

    • Advanced hydrating complex for long lasting moisturisation
    • Strong antioxidant protection

    Baobab Seed Oil

    • Exceptional moisturising properties
    • Maintains hair elasticity

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Apply conditioner onto damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Repair Conditioner Daily Regime

    1.  Start your hair cleansing routine by doing a double cleanse with ADV Nutrition Shampoo and ADV Repair Shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.
    2. Follow up with the ADV Repair Conditioner to moisturize the hair. Apply on to damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
    3. Finish off the regime with the ADV Repair Hair Essence – a reparative leave-in treatment that restores hair elasticity and strength.








    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Repair Conditioner Weekly Treatment

    On a weekly basis, take time to indulge and pamper your hair and scalp by:

    1. Exfoliating your scalp with the ADV Elixir to enhance the scalp’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from subsequent scalp care products.
    2. Nourishing your hair with the ADV Repair Hair Mask for highly restorative hair treatment to repair and nourish weakened and severely damaged hair. Apply a generous amount on washed and towel-dried hair. Massage into hair through the lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp. Leave on 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use at least once a week.

    Total 58 reviews for ADV Repair Conditioner

    1. Lynn N

      This conditioner is moisturising without being heavy on the hair.

    2. Kim. Tan

      I have been searching for a hair conditioner in hopes of seeing improvements to my frizzy and dry hair due to dyeing my hair monthly. This conditoner certainly works like a proper daily treatment to improve my damaged hair condition.

    3. Cassejessica

      Conditioner that is best for oily or combination scalp. First conditioner ever use that is non oily in nature but can condition hair for ease of management.

    4. jacqtanmarco

      With the conditioner I could feel my hair getting softer and smoother after washing. After drying my hair has visibly less frizz. Smells nice too.

    5. Skinlover

      Makes my bleached & coloured hair softer smoother & more manageable. Less tangles. Easier to dry my hair.

    6. lcwt95

      Hair is silky and smooth after use. Not bad in general and worth trying out.

    7. Chewyy

      The conditioner is not too bad? But in comparison with the shampoo it does not stand out as much. Texture of the conditioner is a little dry in my opinion used it twice, works like a normal conditioner in terms of conditioning my hair. It is nice smelling though.

    8. jess-tong.jin

      I received my set yesterday and tried it. WOW BOOM! Guess what? so far this product really give me a smooth hair result, really easy to manage hair.

    9. Jascy33

      The ultra-moisturising conditioner helps to repair hair and leaves tresses pretty hydrated but the scent is different from the shampoo which I don’t quite like.

    10. Kailin_chang

      Conditioner do provide significant smoothness to the hair and quite spreadable.

    11. bubuvickie

      This is an awesome moisturizing conditioner. I’ve got color + chemically treated hair and I use this shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t noticed any weighing down or buildup and I’ve been using it for about a month. In fact my hair’s never been in such great condition.

    12. Lenatay

      It helps detangle and not have the overly silicone feel. Smell is decent and not overpowering.

    13. Rockxanne

      The texture of the product is thick and creamy. Application does not feel greasy and it is generally easy to wash off as compared to my current conditioner which seems to stick to my hair making it difficult to wash off. The scent is not overpowering as well. When my hair is dried it looks less frizzy. Seems to be better after 1 use and may get better with subsequent use. My hair is really dry so I will use this for a longer period.

    14. Shweta201

      The conditioner works fine but need to use a lot of the product every single time. It’s super expensive and I would love to see a remarkable difference given the price but the reason may be that my hair is quite damaged and frizzy.

    15. Xshervx

      This is so hassle free and nourishing. Hair condition improved and easy to manage. I will definitely continue with this product.

    16. Weilingw

      About one month ago I coloured and permed my hair. As a result it was dry at the ends. I started using the PHS ADV Repair conditioner and felt the difference after using it. The conditioner had a nice smell to it and not overpowering. When used together with it’s shampoo it helped my hair become more manageable and smooth. It latter into my hair ends easily and I could also run through my hair with my fingers after washing it off. A little goes a long way. I have shoulder-length hair and used only a 50 cent coin size of it. The conditioner was moisturising but at the same time it didn’t cause any breakout at my hairline or my scalp to be oily. After using for 4 weeks my hair has now regain its shine and my curls looks more bouncy and not dried. I will highly recommend this conditioner to those who are looking for a moisturising but yet not oily one.

    17. 2minutedate

      This conditioner gives an instant soft silky feel to my hair. It’s like this conditioner combined with the shampoo has given my hair the healthy look. Super love the smell too and the smell stays in this humid Singapore weather. Moreover after using it I saw a significant drop in hair loss while washing. Overall would recommend to friends and family! (:

    18. Joey_Lim

      The conditioner makes my hair so soft and silky. I got very bad damage hair and tried different kinds of conditioner but this conditioner makes my hair so smooth after washing. Very nice product. Worth buying!!!!

    19. shirley_ong

      After using the conditioner I noticed that my hair condition is much more silky and smother.

    20. JennyAnatashiha

      Nice scent and silky touch after using. Easy to comb my wavy and frizzy hair now.

    21. sunflowertan

      Just love the texture and fragrance is mild. Less dropping of hair it help condition the hair making it smooth and silky. Highly recommended.

    22. Teddy cookies

      After using the shampoo together with the conditioner. Notice that my hair is much easier to manage and less tangled. And scalp also feels much cleaner and less itchy. It also comes with a pleasant fragrant smell.

    23. Shoppingcharlyn

      I have been using the conditioner with the shampoo. I feel that the conditioner is not able to hydrate my damaged coloured hair. The overall feel is good but I would need to alternate the conditioner with other hair treatment for my damaged hair.

    24. mskoh1

      The conditioner did really help moisturize and smoothen my hair however I personally didn’t really like the scent of the product.

    25. Appletwx

      Great conditioner smooth hair fast. Smell good and easy to wash. Hair feel good after use.

    26. nadiakua

      My hair feels smoother and softer after using this! Love the smell of it too!

    27. Weinisi

      My hair definitely feels healthier after wash. Way lesser tangles as compared to before wash. My hair is even less tangled up the next morning. Which is good. Less tangled hair means lesser hair fall for me too.

    28. Seialeir

      I really like the shampoo for this series but is less impressed by the conditioner. I feel like it performs decently on its own and better with the shampoo but there isn’t anything really spectacular about its performance compared to off the shelf formulations for damaged hair.

    29. Singhneha327

      Can feel the difference after using it a few times Hair looks and feel smoother and moisturized.

    30. Urbanette

      The conditioner really helped smoothed out the frizz from a bad perm I had. My hair looks healthier!

    31. Urbanette

      The conditioner really helped smoothed out the frizz from a bad perm I had. My hair looks healthier!

    32. realme

      I often say my hair has a life of its own as it is frizzy and dry. With PHS Hairscience ADV Repair Shampoo and Conditioner my hair has become a lot smoother and more manageable. Also after having two kids not sure if it is due to hormonal change my scalp has become a lot more sensitive. I get psoarisis break out with a lot of mainstream hair products. This surprisingly worked well with my scalp. No itch or build up of product on my scalp.

    33. Raine

      Really helps in conditioning my hair. Soften and smoothen as compare to before.

    34. nutkraker

      I used this together with the Repair shampoo and I’d say the combo is rather good. I’ve used other conditioner with faster smoothing action and longer lasting scent. That said this conditioner is still worth trying as it does leave my hair softer and smoother than most conditioners on the market.

    35. JasminWishes

      Super in love with the conditioner. Smells sweet and floral. After shampoo and conditioner felt my hair softer and smoother. Less frizzy and tamed hair.

    36. CynthiaWee

      Feel so soft after using it. Highly recommended to my friends.

    37. Slpingstarz

      Love how smooth my hair ends are after just 1 wash. The scent is very lasting too!

    38. Cljh23

      The conditioner was great. After a few washes it helps me to hydrate and smooth my hair. My hair become alot smoother and i definitely love the smell. Great product.

    39. cheyser_naie5f31003a6d90f

      After trying this product for several days I feel like my hair is more lively and easy to manage. It does gives total hydration without feeling greasy.

    40. rburlaos424

      I instantly fell in love with this product. My hair is severely damage; brittle tangled, split-ends and frizzy. The first day I tried this I can already see the effectiveness. My scalp is more refreshed and my hair has loosened to smooth and relaxed. And also it just smells sooo good.

    41. Paperger

      Wasn’t expecting much because I have never heard of this brand. I was blown away by the effect of repair shampoo and conditioner combo. I bleached some parts of my hair so I was experiencing dry hair ends + tangle. It lefts a silky soft and moisturising finish which my salon grade products were unable to achieve. Then I went to search about this product and realized that. This is really legit specialised brand.

    42. icybirdy

      Been using it for a week now. The conditioner was easy to apply and made it easier for me to dry my hair. Seems to help a little with hair loss but not sure if it’s placebo effect. However there wasn’t much difference to my hair texture after blow drying. Will continue to monitor after more uses.

    43. Soulflycindy

      I have very dry and weak shoulder length hair. With a regular conditioner, I have to pump a lot of conditioner to apply on my hair. With PHS I just need about 50 cents coin size to seal and condition my hair. As compared to other brands, PHS conditioner might be on a higher side however with the minimum amount needed for every time use it’s definitely more value for money and care to my hair.

    44. Pauline

      Really thick and rich in nourishing my damaged hair. Love the texture and scent.

    45. Flirtisha

      Ok im too to excited over this conditioner. Hair breakage reduce by more than 50%. Easier to comb thru after washing. Love the fragrance. Highly Recommended.

    46. Iris Li

      After application I can feel that my hair is coated with a layer that makes it smooth which I don’t have to use hair straightener the next day. I will definitely order it again 🙂

    47. donutella

      The conditioner felt like a light lotion. I was initially worried it wouldn’t be moisturising enough for my bleached hair. However I was pleasantly surprised that my hair was soft and smooth when it was fully dry. I like how the product doesn’t weigh my hair down.

    48. Candyval24

      I love how the conditioner detangles my long hair and after drying my hair was easy to maintain. I definitely recommend this for people who chemically treats their hair often like me.

    49. dwsh

      Scent of conditioner is very pleasant leaves subtle fragrance on hair. Conditioner did help to smoothen out hair ends but hair still gets tangled at some areas even after using conditioner. Overall didn’t feel that this product suit my hair as it still feels dry and rough after washing. Hair does feel a little soft the next day but seems more frizzy than before I tested this conditioner.

    50. mrschoo2009

      After using this conditioner my hair feels so soft and smooth. Easy to comb and feels bouncy.

    51. Lavonnewee

      Not your usual greasy stuff but it nourish the hair without the oily and stickiness. Wash out easily and hair stay soft. Is good for my scalp and my scalp does not feel heavy hair felt airy and soft throughout the day.

    52. nachoskia

      Does not weigh hair down and helps to repair my hair. Easier to comb my hair now with the conditioner.

    53. Angelatyl

      The scent was nice and it kinda did makes the hair that felt superrrrr dry better. Goes well with the shampoo. But the usual over counter conditioner does the same too 🤭🤫

    54. xiu.qing

      Love the fragrance of the conditioner and how it makes my hair really smooth after using the shampoo. Less breakage as well. Defintely recommend it 🙂

    55. cuixiannn

      My hair feels smoother and softer after using this! Love the smell of it too!

    56. cherryripe

      This conditioner helped my damaged hair. It did not weigh it down my hair or make it more oily feeling. Hair definitely felt smoother and softer to the touch although it did not improve the appearance of my chemically damaged hair. Overall it leaves a light fresh feeling without an overly cloying scent.

    57. eueileen

      Recently my hair is always tangled into knots and looks very messy. After just one use of the #phsrepair range (shampoo and conditioner) I really feel the difference on the texture of my hair. The refreshed relaxed smooth flowing and nice smelling hair that I miss so much. I can feel that some of the tangled up knots have loosen and texture of my hair is softer also.

    58. YvetteKim

      Smell greats hair is v smooth after usage! Will recommend!

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