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Choosing a Trichologist Made Easy


The commonness of hair loss in men and women is not a hidden reality at all. People of all ages regardless of their health conditions can be affected by this problem. Experts suggest that the problem is often genetic; some medical conditions also contribute to the issue.

Hair loss treatment has become a lot more affordable and easier these days. You will get your hair problems resolved here at PHS Hairscience as it is a complete hair care center in Singapore. As you find out more about hair problems, we thought of touching a much more unique but important topic today in this article.

A person may have more than one option when it comes to selecting a hair salon. So what is it that really makes a trichologist worthy of being appointed for services?

Understanding Trichology

Before we move to discussing what trichologists does, it is important to know what Trichology is. Trichology is the study of our hair and scalp. This field of science studies the health of your hair, what causes them to fall, the inflamed treatment for your scalp, what is beneficial to our scalp health and other similar topics.


Simply put, a trichologist is the one who practices Trichology. It is important that you approach a certified trichologist for hair treatments. At PHS Hairscience, you will find trained and experienced trichologists that will best deal with your hair problems.

A trichologist can perform various tasks but here a few standard things. A trichologist will normally follow a procedure when you approach them for services. During your consultation session, trichologists would firstly ask for your problems or concerns which they will have relevant questions for you. Renowned hair salons will have numerous trichologists to entertain maximum customers. At PHS Hairscience, you will find hundreds of customers being tended to on daily basis.

Based on your condition, a trichologist may suggest you to undergo inflamed scalp treatment or if the problem is milder, it could be dealt with a few natural therapies. The best trichologists will leave it to you about how you want to be treated. This is exactly what happens at PHS Hairscience Singapore. However, there will always be expert advice to help you with what might be beneficial for your hair health.

Few Recommendations While Choosing a Trichologist

Now that you know what a trichologist really do, it is time we leave you with some valuable recommendations to let you choose a decent trichologist for your hair.

– Look for experienced trichologists
– Make sure that your trichologist is certified and trained for the profession
– Government registers businesses so it is better that you select registered hair salons only
– You will find all the above mentioned qualities in a trichologist at PHS Hairscience Singapore!

So book your appointment with our trained professionals today!