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celebrate being a woman

How will you remember March 8? As with many around the globe, it can be a day of letting your hair down to celebrate International Women’s Day with your gal pals (and guy pals as well!) to acknowledge the achievements of women worldwide. Started in 1911 by the Suffragettes, the day is now marked by many with a focus on equality and empowerment.

Female empowerment is here to stay! Essentially, it is about living the life we want, expressing ourselves the way we choose to, from what we need to say to how we want to look. Whatever a woman’s choices may be in life, she alone should determine what makes her happy, not what others think, say, do, or demand.

A woman’s appearance, especially where her age is concerned, is sometimes an issue with others, but should it be? Shouldn’t the way a woman dresses or what she looks like be entirely up to her?

Some women are all about embracing their age and the natural appearance that comes with it. Some choose to further enhance their beauty to bring out the best version of themselves. Whether she adheres to aging with grace or wants to defy the signs of grey by restoring a more youthful self, it is a personal choice!

With empowerment, confidence, and diversity as keywords now shaping our everyday lives, we can choose to defy the signs of grey!

How does grey hair begin, and how can it go away?

The stem cells in our hair follicles, whether on our head, body or eyelids, generate melanin pigment that gives our hair its color. However, that does not last throughout our lifetime. As we get older, the cells start producing less melanin and our hair grows out grey. When they lose all their melanin, hair grows out white. You may lose the pigment, but you do not have to lose the ability to turn things around.

Factors such as a hormonal imbalance, hereditary conditions, medical conditions, stress, an imbalanced diet and aging can also cause the reduction of melanin production by melanocytes. This leads to hair growth without color, commonly identified as white or grey hair. As such, some people show substantial grey hair even as early as in their teens. However, the power to change and make things better can be harnessed – if you choose to!

Not many people know this, but the scalp ages a whopping 12 times faster than the skin on your body and 6 times quicker than your face. It requires proper care and treatment in order to maintain healthy hair growth and combat signs of scalp-aging, such as greying hair and hair fall. While skin inevitably ages and loses its firmness and clarity with time, there are ways to address the aging process of hair.

Did you know that eyelashes are the very last to turn grey?

Those hairs that flutter around the windows to your soul can and do go grey, but usually at a much later age than those that frame your face. In fact, most women only start to see changes in the pigment of their eyelashes when they are reaching their 70s! Essentially, melanin pigment production in eyelashes is far more long-lasting than in other parts of the body.

So, while you may be able to bat those eyelashes with color and confidence for much longer, what can you do about those locks you love to toss behind your head? The truth is, greying hair can be delayed and with the right science behind the right hair care products, you can empower yourself to defy grey the natural way.

Enrich your scalp while singing female anthems in the shower.

Belt out songs about taking control of your own destiny while you lather up your hair with products that can help give it a more youthful appearance. Certified by trichologists and free from harmful additives, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products are founded on the principles of premium trichology that uses the latest beauty innovations and prestige botanical extracts to produce effective solutions.

Start your girl-power concert in the bathroom with PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Age Defying Shampoo, formulated with Japanese pepper that contains anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties. It strengthens scalp immunity while stimulating hair growth for thicker, healthier and shinier hair, with green tea and lotus stem cell extracts that promote cellular healing.

Follow your favorite hits about empowerment with PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Age Defying Conditioner. It possesses anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties that coat the hair shaft to enhance brilliance and softness while strengthening hair fibres to protect the hair from environmental aggressions and to prevent signs of hair-aging.

For your encore, apply PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Age-Defying Serum to boost the level of melanin, inhibit the appearance of grey hair and prevent further damage by injecting strength and vitality into aging hair. We can never get enough of that!

As a grand finale, gently massage PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Age Defying Grey Reverse Activator onto your towel-dried scalp and leave it on. This activates the pigment cells to increase melanin production and allows grey hair to progressively darken with continuous usage. A round of applause for womanhood!

Collaboration – sometimes that’s just what a woman needs.

When the going gets tough, the tough women get going. There are times when you need added support from others to get to where you want to. Thankfully, effective haircare treatments that aid in the reduction of grey hair do exist.

Developed by Korean bio-scientists, trichologists, and dermatologists, the new PHS HAIRSCIENCE® MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Grey Reverse Regenerator is specially formulated for aging and greying hair. The efficacious penetrative effect of the stem cell solution is formulated with a proprietary ingredient, SigGrow™-Mela, a botanical extract complex which can re-kindle signals that were previously inactive to enable cells to restore, repair and rejuvenate themselves again.

SigGrow™-Mela works with cytokines for cell signaling and with a complex mix of amino acids (proteins) to nourish the hair. Together, they help to increase melanin production and transportation to the hair shaft from the hair root to help your hair regain darker color progressively and naturally without the need for coloring.

Empower yourself with the right hair care resources today.

If there is anything the founders of International Women’s Day have taught us, it is that persistent and consistent action pays off. Whether it is the right to vote, the expectation of equal pay, the control of our own bodies or the restoration of our confidence through proper haircare, we have the power to make miracles happen!

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