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    Clear Calm & Collected


    This soothing bundle is formulated to relax and soothe sensitive scalp to regain hair lightness and vitality.


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    Suitable For:

    Dry & Sensitive Scalp

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    ADV Soothe Tonic

    This healing and restorative tonic offers immediate relief to scalp itching, redness or swelling. It restores balance to sensitised scalp, enhances scalp immune system to strengthen it against inflammation and improves blood circulation to boost scalp health and strengthen hair roots. Comes in 100ml.

    • Instantly soothes redness, swell and itchiness
    • Heals and restores balance to irritated and sensitive scalp
    • Improves blood circulation to enhance nutrient delivery to strengthen hair roots
    • Strong antioxidants and anti-microbial properties boost the scalp immune system and prevent irritation that can lead to inflammation

    ADV Soothe Calming Gel

    Use this topical gel as and when needed for immediate relief and long-term care for scalp irritation symptoms like itchiness, redness, tingling or tightness. The soothing formula also forms a protective barrier and protects the scalp against potential irritants, such as UV rays and pollutants. Comes in 50ml.

    • Instantly relieves scalp discomfort
    • Long-lasting care against scalp irritation
    • Protects scalp from potential irritants

    ADV Soothe Tonic

    Key Ingredients:

    Lotus Stem Cells

    • Heals and strengthens hair follicles
    • Strengthens scalp against infections

    Rosemary Extract

    • Relieves itchiness, dryness and dandruff
    • Heals and strengthens hair follicles

    Japanese Pepper Fruit Extract

    • Healing with anti-biotic properties
    • Anti-bacterial

    ADV Soothe Calming Gel

    Key Ingredients:

    Chameleon Plant Extract

    • Detoxifies and eliminate inpurities
    • Anti-inflammatory

    Green Tea Leaf Extract

    • Powerful antioxidant to prevent scalp ageing
    • Natural DHT blocker


    • Forms protective barrier
    • Aids moisture retention

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    ADV Soothe Tonic: Shake well before use. Section hair and apply tonic on towel-dried scalp. Massage scalp with fingertips. Leave on. Use daily.

    ADV Soothe Calming Gel: Apply gel on washed and towel-dried scalp. Apply on affected areas when needed. Leave on.


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