06 Dec 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

It is that time of the year again when you hound stores for a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. With the myriad of choices available, what is a truly great gift in this season of giving?  Keeping in mind the cold and dry weather of December-January, hair and skin care products are good options. If you want to be a little innovative, you can even gift your loved ones some products that care and cater to their wellbeing. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for 2016.

Hair Nutrition Kits

Nutrition Travel Kit, hair care

This is a versatile gifting option for everyone, including both male and female. While on a holiday, you may neglect the hair, and don’t we all want to look good in our travel photos? One good idea would be to gift something like the ADV Nutrition Travel Set, a natural ingredient based hair care kit. It comes with an ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir, ADV Nutrition Scalp Cleanser, ADV Nutrition Hair Conditioner, and ADV Nutrition Scalp Tonic. This kit comes in a travel bag, and includes a good hairbrush, perfect for travelling.

Lip Care Sets

Dry and chapped lips are a common complaint around this time. There are several lip care sets available in the market. You can even choose a few pieces on your own and put together a set. The latter is a good idea actually; you can research a little on the internet to choose from the popular lip balms and lip oils. You should choose the ingredients right, depending on whom you are gifting.

Hair Loss Kits for him

HOM, Men hair loss kit

For men suffering from hair loss, winter aggravates the problem. Whether it is for your father, husband or friend, hair loss kits that are travel-friendly makes an excellent Christmas gift. PHS Hairscience offers the HOM Hair Loss Travel Set, with HOM Hair Loss Shampoo, HOM Day Scalp Tonic, and HOM Hair Loss Tonic. It also includes the ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir and a hair brush that is very soft on the tresses.

Sheet Masks

These help keep the face rejuvenated on a Christmas holiday. Sheet masks are a Korean innovation, and are hugely popular with Asian skin. Moisturizing the skin without having to rinse it off is the biggest plus with sheet masks. Actor Katie Holmes swears by the power of sheet masks to balance pH levels, regulate oil production, and hydrate the skin. Pack in a pore minimizer, hydrator, brightener, and a face sculptor to complete your regime!

Hair Loss Kits for her

FEM Hair Loss Kit, hair care

Many women in Singapore suffer some hair loss. If your friend is a fan of natural botanical products, gift her with the FEM Hair Loss Travel Set. Developed by PHS Hairscience, this set comes with products for a complete hair care routine. Contents include the ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir, FEM Hair Loss Shampoo, FEM Day Scalp Tonic and FEM Hair Loss Tonic.

Travel Beauty Kits

Skincare and beauty hampers are also a good gifting option this festive season. Get a set that is travel friendly that comes with a mirror inside. Readymade sets usually contain Mascara, makeup removing wipes, lip color, dry shampoo, and eyelash curlers and so on.

However, don't limit your gifting choices to cosmetics! PHS Hairscience offers premium hair spa experience and customized hair treatments that are limited during this festive season only. To find out more, visit PHS Hairscience!

Happy gifting!