07 Jul 2015

Why do i need to look after my scalp and hair now?

Overwhelming reports from Medical Journals and the American Hair Loss Association state that 2/3 of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35. Women are also affected, making up 40% of all Hair Loss sufferers. Affecting self-image and emotional well-being, the condition has been a difficult one to treat.

Medical factors, hormonal changes and imbalances can also cause temporary hair loss. This could be due to pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuation of birth control pills or the onset of menopause.

The scalp is a natural extension of our skin. Many of us look after our skin with face creams, sun blocks and serums, but neglect scalp care.

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE we are dedicated to educating our clients about scalp and hair care. The earlier you start, the better the regeneration of hair follicles that build a better hair shaft. The long-term benefits of caring for your scalp through PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s systematic scalp care programs are second to none.

Taking your scalp care for granted when you are younger could result in you needing to resort to hair grafts, laser treatments and other operative solutions later on. You can avoid this now with the new PHS HAIRSCIENCE range of home care products and customized treatments available at all PHS HAIRSCIENCE Labs.

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