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6 Things to Know Before Consulting Your Hair Expert


hair expert

At PHS Hairscience, we strongly believe that beautiful skin starts with a healthy scalp. If the roots are in good health, your hair would then be able to attain beauty. However, if you have troubled scalp, there can be quite a few difficulties for you.

Inflamed Scalp treatment, therefore becomes such an instrumental part for better hair health. However, before that, having a consultation session with our PHS Hairscience hair professionals might allow you to understand some of the basic foundation to our scalp problems.  Otherwise, here are some tips for you to know before consulting a hair expert.

  1. Observe the Symptoms

Doctors and physicians are best able to solve your problems if they know exactly what’s happening to you. You may be experiencing hair fall, dandruffitchy scalp, thinning hair etc. Whatever the cases may be, a tip is to note down the symptoms so that you can tell your consultant about what problem(s) you are facing.

  1. Past History

If you had the same problem previously and it was taken care of, make sure that you have all the details and records to present to your consultant. Also look into the medical history of your parents or even your grandparents to understand whether or not it is genetic.

  1. Duration of the Symptoms

How long the symptoms have been bothering you is a good indicator of the severity of the problem. It is of utmost importance that you take action straight away so the problem is taken care of instantly. However, not to fret as hair spa professionals at PHS Hairscience would be able to help you out.

  1. Medical Prescriptions

Some medical conditions and their medicines also have an effect on hair health. Therefore, present all your medical records to date in front of your physician so that they are able to help you out on your problem(s). Sometimes doctors warn you of some medications as they can take a toll on your hair health so it is also better to use suitable treatments in this regard.

  1. Your Hair Care

How you take care of your hair will determine whether the problem is related to a medical condition or due to not taking good care of it. Analyze how many times you oil your hair in a week and what kind of hair styles you keep. Needless to say that styling also affects your hair in a great way.

  1. Skin Problems

Sometimes it’s just your skin health which is responsible for bad scalp. If you have a skin problem, tell your consultant about it in detail so that he/she may prescribe accordingly.


If you have a good idea about your hair condition prior to the appointment, it would be very helpful for you during the consultation session. Having good information that you pass on to your hair expert will allow him/her to suggest the right hair treatment. The more you know, the sooner you will be relieved.