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6 Symptoms and Causes of Hair Loss


As much as it is thought to affect aging men and women, hair loss can actually occur to anyone at any time of life. It can be worrying when hair begins to fall more than what is normal. Add this to the stress of feeling helpless and you might have a hair loss crisis on your hands.

As per the cycle of hair growth, it is normal to lose 100 hairs every day. However, having an average hair fall exceeding that is cause for concern. There are a lot of ways to determine whether you are suffering from hair loss and what is possibly causing it.

In this article, we learn about the symptoms and causes of hair loss. The right kind of hair growth treatment is only ascertained once you begin to understand the potential causes.

1. Excessive Hairstyling

Styling your hair is a necessity these days to keep yourself up to date for various formal and social occasions. However, if your hair styling involves any style where you tie your hair tightly, it can damage your hair follicles.

Using harsh dyes and bleaching the hair can contribute to hair loss. Sometimes, this may lead to permanent hair loss as well.

2. Abnormal Stress and Poor Health

Sickness, stress and other health conditions are also contributors to hair loss. Conditions such as Alopecia Areata, tends to trigger hair loss throughout the body. Iron deficiency and other infections can also cause hair loss.

3. Drugs and Vitamins

Taking certain medications and drugs can also cause hair loss. For example, Chemotherapy is well known for triggering hair loss as it kills all fast growing cells inside the body. The follicles are also attacked during the process and therefore, patients face hair loss throughout the body.

High blood pressure treatment medicines are also said to initiate hair fall and if the level of Vitamin A exceeds the optimum limit, there is an increased chance of hair loss.

4. Aging

With age, a person is bound to lose hair from the body. In men, hair loss can lead to baldness while in women, it has milder effects. Women usually lose hair on temples and top of the head.

5. Hormone Problems

In women, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy and childbirth and hormone-related medications can also result in hair loss.

In these cases, the hair loss might be temporary, however, getting a inflamed scalp treatment quickly can reduce the effect that hormones have on the growth of the hair.

6. Diet

It is something which often goes neglected but diet has quite an impact on your hair health. Our hair need vitamins and iron to grow and stay strong. A diet lacking in these nutrients, may lead to hair fall. Maintaining a healthy diet can help you avoid hair loss in such conditions.