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6 Effective Ways to Treat Damaged Hair


six effective ways to treat damaged hair

Hair, being one of the most attractive features for appearance, is more often than not taken as style statements. But what if your hair isn’t capable of styling anymore?

It is a big concern as a large portion of the population is faced with hair fall or hair damage issues which can cause sleepless nights to many individuals. Now you are thinking, can hair fall be reduced or stopped?

Well, the answer should bring you a sigh of relief as the cure for hair loss is possible. In fact, with time, there have been many innovative techniques discovered to stop and reduce hair fall! Here in this article, we bring some of the most convenient tips that will assist you in controlling hair fall.

  1. Early Identification of the Problem

The earlier you identify hair fall the easier it is to control it. Some of the indications that you might be faced with hair fall in near future are given below:

For countering these issues, there are gentle shampoos and conditioners available in the market that you can seek help from.

  1. Trimming for Hair Renewal

Before going for complex hair growth treatments or visiting a hair spa, the best thing to do is trimming your hair. However, good news is that you do not necessarily need to wipe them off the scalp completely! Simply leave some length and trim the damaged part at the ends.

If you don’t like the idea of going too extreme, you can trim your hair layer-wise. Followed by suitable shampoos and conditioners for after care.

  1. Avoid Too Much Styling

Too much styling tends to damage hair too. Tight pony tails tend to stretch out the follicles. Blow drying, straightening and rolling too often can be damaging to hair as well. Keep your blow dryer to the lowest level of heat while blow drying. Leave in conditioners and sprays are also helpful while using heat for hair styling.

  1. Avoid Hair Colors and Chemicals

Extremely damaged hair is better off without further chemical job(s). For instance, frequent hair dying or constant high heating can cause major damages to our hair and follicles. Therefore, it is advisable to give up hair dying or harsh treatments to our hair at least until it is healthy again. If there is a need to, try using setting lotions before styling as it helps in protecting the hair through chemical treatments.

  1. Hair Protection Outdoors

Covering your hair is a good idea especially when you are out in the sun. Accessories like scarfs or hats are great in protecting your hair from UVA/UVB rays. While swimming, because of the chlorine chemicals in the pool water, it is better to keep the hair covered too. Additionally, ensure that you hydrate your hair after sun exposure with hair-care products to avoid further hair damages.

  1. Healthy Diet

Your health condition has direct impact on your hair too. If your nutrient in-take is sufficient and healthy, you will see good results in your hair too. Therefore, appropriate diet is an effective hair loss cure. Proteins and Vitamins are considered best in this regard.