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5 Hairstyles for Date Nights


A little effort can go a long way. While outfits can turn up a notch for special date nights, a change of hairstyle can be an easy transformation for your entire look too! From Jennifer Lawrence’s beach waves to Adele’s chignon at the Grammys; your favorite celebrities have already set the tone for you to follow.

If you are not someone to experiment with hairstyles that frequently, treat yourself to a hair spa before a date night. Read on to know 5 hairstyles you must try to charm that special someone.

date night hairstyle

1. Veronica Lake Waves

An all-time great in the list of romantic hairstyles, the ‘Veronica Lake’ consists of graduated waves with deep side parts. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian have been seen to wear this hairstyle. Veronica Lake waves need a good foundation, and a shampoo like the ADV Argan Oil Shampoo is perfect for that.

Detangle your locks with the ADV Detangling Spray, awarded as the best heat protectant at the Cosmo Hair Awards, for added shine. The part must be set once the hair completely dries. Now, using a double-barrelled curling iron, wrap the hair in figure-eight.

2. Knotty Fishtails

For those of you who want to go all bohemian before a date, try the knotty fishtail. The style is perfect for hair that is medium-length. Begin by curling your hair using a barrel curling iron. Taking one section of hair from one side, create a fishtail braid. Secure using elastic and then repeat on the other side. Now tie both sides in a knot at the back of the head. Secure the knot using bobby pins and take off the elastics. Now let the ends of the braid fall.

3. Looped pony

A looped pony adds a creative twist to a regular ponytail. Start by separating your hair into equal halves and twisting them outward.

Now, knot the halves together at the base of the scalp and pull until the knot reaches the head. Repeat this step to have another knot and tuck the shorter section in. Pin up using bobby pins until it is secured. Ponytails are perfect for days when you wake up with a bad hair, but if you don’t ever want to deal with that, go for regular scalp and hair treatments for perfect hair every day.

hair styling date night

4. Double Heart Ponytail

Using a comb, section off the hair over the ponytail, but keep enough hair for creating 4 small braids. Now, flip this section over, holding it out of the way. Divide the ponytail hair into 5 sections and secure them using a clip. Divide the top section into 4 parts and form 3 regular braids with each of these, to form the heart. Lay these in between the sections below. Now, let the braids drop and pull the ponytail strands upward just enough to get small loops. Adjust the size of the heart and finish. If your hair is dry, moisturize beforehand with something like the ADV Hydration Cream.

style of hair for date night

5. Peppy natural curls

Think Kerry Washington’s natural curls, which are parted in the center for an alluringly attractive look. It is a time-saver and it will spare your hair the damage caused by flat irons. If you are going for this look this for a date, apply a few drops of argan oil. Try the ADV Argan Oil from PHS Hairscience, which allows you to step out in the sun worry free.

Get your hair essentials with the ADV Argan Oil Twin Kit, consisting of a shampoo and conditioner infused with the moisturising benefits of Morrocan Argan Oil. And here’s a secret, if you’re looking to keep grey and white hair at bay, the ADV Age-Defying Shampoo is your best pick, and get a complimentary travel kit with every purchase!

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