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4 Hair Colors You should Try Out


Hair colouring can be harmful for your hair and scalp. If not done professionally, it can trigger negative side effects such as, eye swelling, watery eyes, and a burning scalp. The reason is that normal hair dyes contain damaging ingredients, namely coal tar and formaldehyde. Though coal tar is a common shampoo for itchy scalp ingredient, it is a carcinogen and so is formaldehyde. PPDs and Ammonia can even cause dermatitis and blisters.

Opt for botanical hair dyes which are free from harmful additives. Here at PHS Hairscience, we only use premium botanical hair dyes. Get a new look with these hair inspirations for the festive season:

1. Rose Gold

According to fashion magazines and experts, rose gold is turning out to be the color of 2016 in Singapore. You can look subtle and pretty and do not have to commit to too strong a color. You can also try variations like coral pink and baby lights with strawberry balayage.

Delay washing rose-gold dyed hair until 2-3 days after the coloring. Use cold water and a color protecting shampoo, and wash your hair as infrequently as you can. You should never try to dye your hair rose gold on your own.

2. Balayage

This is a highlighting technique, where the transition of color is such that it looks natural to the hair. The re-growth lines are less noticeable. Balayage is a customized hair coloring technique, easily available at any good hair salon. PHS Hairscience provides hair coloring using botanical dyes. The best thing about this trend is that it does not require too much maintenance or frequent coloring. Make sure the dye is ammonia-free.

3. Pastel shades

This involves coloring the hair bright in shades like mint, candy pink, and lilac. These colors usually require bleaching and necessitates a specific hair care routine, including using color protecting shampoos. Get your perfect home care regime with our stylist’s recommendations.

4. Multicolored

Model Irene Kim sported a multi colored strand during the NYFW 2015. You can get it camouflaged beneath a natural layer, or add streaks towards the ends. However, familiarize yourself with the color wheel before getting your hair colored. Put lighter colors above the darker ones and avoid color takeover. It’s a great way to get pops of colour for the festive new year!

Things to remember while getting your hair colored

As mentioned, box dyes often contain ingredients that can damage the scalp. The ratio of pigment to protective ingredients is higher in box dyes, which can be dangerous. People commonly experience scalp problems and inflammation after using dyes bought off the drugstore. However, dyes formulated at acclaimed salons come with extra elements and procedures to help protect the scalp.

It is important to get proper maintenance and scalp protection after coloring your hair. PHS Hairscience is currently offering its special Miracle Oil Spa Treatment at just $108. Promotion valid for limited time only! Book your appointment now!