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3 Most Common Hair Myths, Busted


You shouldn’t be surprised when we say there’s a complete world riding on your head. The amount of facts and myths you have heard about hair are just too many to consider them as just another part of your body. You must have observed your nanny or grandma (even your mother for that matter) talking about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair.

These stories related to hair are quite interesting to be honest. They are sometimes too compelling that we prefer acting upon them rather than taking any inflamed scalp treatments. However, the truthfulness and genuineness of these stories still remains a question in which you might be overwhelmingly surprised upon learning about some of the most common misconceptions about hair.

Myth #1: Fear Turns Your Hair Gray

You might have seen this one in a movie or cartoon which a frightened cat turns all white or grey. However, rather than taking it as just another joke, a lot believe that it holds truth to it. The reality is quite different and here’s the science behind it.


Let’s take an example of a scalp with both un-pigmented (grey) and pigmented (black or brown) hair. If a person gets a severe shock, there is an autoimmune condition that initiates in a person’s body causing the pigmented hair to fall. Hence, the grey hair stays where they are deceiving observers into believing that their hair turned grey.

Myth #2: Blonde Hair are Weaker than the Black Ones

Heard it from your mom, didn’t you? Perhaps, she knew better than certified hair experts. Tell her! It’s just a myth.


There is no scientific evidence proving black hair are stronger. In fact, it is said that black hair are quite fragile.

Myth #3: Want Healthier Hair, Brush More!

Do not listen to someone who tells you to brush your hair a hundred times a day and they will grow faster. The truth is quite contrary to the above statement and this is why: When you turn up at a hair spa, your hair stylist will best guide you about the timings and frequency of brushing your hair on a daily basis.


Hair brush can damage your mane. As a result, sometimes, perfectly normal and healthy hair fall out due to frequent brushing. Some tough ones can even scratch your scalp, which is also not the best things to have happened to your hair. Hence, gentle and lesser brushing would be a good option. Try combing rather than brushing on most of the occasions to reduce the hair damage.

A Truth about Hair and Summer

Having discussed some random myths about hair, we leave you with a fact about hair growth. Hair grow faster in warm weather. The reason is that in winter, the supply of blood to the hair is reduced in order to maintain the internal body temperature. As the cold is reduced during summers, your hair grow better and faster.


Before acting upon according to any of the stories you might hear from people, it is better to consult the ones who specialize in hair care. You will find hair experts at PHS Hairscience Singapore that can enlighten you more about random and iffy facts and myths related to hair.