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10 Weird Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Hair


weird hair

Behind the beautiful hair that we all treasure and pride over, there are some strange and surprising facts. With our years of experience in hair and scalp treatment, we bring to you 10 weird facts that you will find it hard to believe. Apart from being weird, these facts will surely help you understand your hair from a totally new perspective.

  1. What Your Hair is Made of

The hooves, claws, feathers and horns of animals and your hair are made up of the same material called ‘Keratin’. It’s not the only ingredient but most of the hair composition is actually Keratin only.

  1. They Can Tell A lot about you Except your Gender

Forensic analysis of your hair (as you may have seen on CSI) can tell a lot about you. Extracting DNA from hair is a method often used for criminal investigations and parental DNA testing. However, a hair strand will not be able to tell whether it came from a man or a woman, reason being: the structure of hair is identical for both genders.

  1. They Can Grow Anywhere

Our hair can grow from anywhere on our body – Except for your palms and feet soles, lips and eye lids.

  1. Balding Appears after Halftime

Balding becomes prominent only after you have lost half your hair. Thankfully, hair loss treatment can bring back your hair.

  1. You Have Dead bodies all Over Your Head

The hair on your head are actually dead cells. Only the ones that are inside your scalp are the ones alive.

  1. The Wetter the Longer

Hair can be stretched to 30% of their length when they are wet. This doesn’t mean we advise you to go ahead and stretch it though! As overstretching will surely break them.

  1. It’s a Cycle

If a hair is plucked from the follicle, another one starts growing. Hence, the cycle continues without you even knowing how much hair you have lost.

  1. The Rare Red Heads

Red is the most rarely found hair color. Only one out of hundred people have red hair. Two of them will be blonde while the majority of us mostly have black hair.

  1. You can Bear The Weight of an Elephant or Two with your Head

It is scientifically concluded that a healthy hair strand can bear a weight of up to 100 grams. Assuming that you have around 100,000 hair strands, you can support about a 1000kg roughly about the weight of two small elephants.

  1. Hair Grow at Rapid Pace

Hair are the second fastest growing tissues of our body, the first being the bone marrow.