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10 Wedding Hair Ideas


A wedding is not just another day as being on top of your hair game is a must. Weddings are the perfect time to experiment with your romantic feminine side, too. However, wedding hairdos require healthy and lush hair, and it’s never too late to start prepping your hair with treatments for the big day. Here are 10 exciting wedding hair ideas.

1. Chignon with ringlets

wedding hair

Chignons are a classic wedding hairstyle, and mingling them with texture and shapes can be fun. The hairstylist will begin by blowing the hair dry, and then twist it into ringlets, using a 1″ curling iron. The final touch would be to pin the hair back into a laidback chignon, with layers in the front.

2. Updo with waved strands

wedding hair
Waves are for pretty lasses, and gently waved strands give you a soft look for the special day. This is followed by pulling them into a subtle half up do for a relaxed feel. Choose chestnut as your hair color, and bleach the ends out.

3. Soft Twist

Soft twists are a fairytale-style updo for those that remain busy even on their wedding day. Remember to twist them just enough` to make them look disheveled yet put-together. You could even pull hair back to form a semi-ponytail.

4. Ribboned Ponytails

wedding hair

For a modern twist to traditional wedding styles, ponytails are the perfect solution. Tie it with a pretty ribbon made of fringed fabric or a fabric belt, especially for an outdoor wedding.

5. Deep side part

If you have cheekbones like Claire Danes, this bridal hairstyle is for you. A deep side part and layers that skim the cheekbones give the face a retro look. The length is to be pinned into a low, neat bun.

6. Romantic layers with back bun

wedding hair

For the messy yet put together look, hair volume is important in a style like this. Keep your hair density at its best state, preventing hair fall with trichologist-certified treatments early. Follow it up by curling with a 2″ inch iron and gather the hair, except the bangs, into a nape length bun for a chic look.

7. Classic Bridal Pony

Wear a classic bridal pony, a la Anne Hathaway, positioning it as high as the crown, for a clean silhouette. Backcomb the hair to get volume and smoothen the sides and the top to form a pony. Secure the pony with elastic and settle any entangling issues with a detangling spray.

8. Bangs with ponytail

wedding hair

Start by blow-drying the hair and then wrap it around velcro rollers. Now, release and side-part it to form bangs, and brush the remaining into a pony. Finally, using hairspray, tease different sections, and secure using bobby pins.

9. Twisted and pinned French roll

wedding hair

Pin the bangs to the back and form a twist using sections from the hairline. Pin the section into a bun and repeat until all your hair is twisted. For those with dry hair due to repeated washing, Argan oil works perfectly as dry hair oil.

10. Hollywood waves

If you don’t have straight and smooth hair, use a heat-protecting serum and then blow dry your hair. Next, smooth it, using a flat iron. Now part your hair deep on to the side that suits you better. You will need to use a curling iron to create Hollywood-style waves, and then hairspray for a lasting style.