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10 Habits That Ruin Your Hair


ten habits that ruin your hair

It’s commonly seen that people are confused on the proper steps to hair care. Some wash it every day, stripping the scalp off its natural oils. Some go on using hot styling tools indiscriminately. Another common habit is to delay scalp treatment. Misinformation on the right hair practices is rampant. Here are some daily habits that could be ruining your hair.

1. Rubbing hair with towels

While blow-drying is harmful, scrubbing hair vigorously with a towel may damage the hair cuticles. Simply dab the hair using a clean towel after washing. If you are doing it because your scalp is itchy, do consider seeking help from a hair and scalp expert.

2. Brushing when hair is wet

It is common knowledge that wet hair is fragile. Water enters the cuticle and swells it, stretching it in the process. Brushing, pulling, or combing can impart tension and cause the strands to break. Untangling can be done easily using a wide-toothed comb.

3. Using all the wrong accessories

Choose your hair tie wisely. One of the biggest hair accessory mistakes is to use hair ties with metal pieces as they can cause the hair to rip out of the scalp and lead to scalp problems. The solution is to use coated elastics that don’t have metal elements.

4. Using two hot tools together

Many users have the tendency to use a flat iron tool after blow drying the hair. Little did they know that this is literally doubling the damage! Instead, practice techniques like using round brushes to create waves and paddle brushes for straightening.

5. Choosing just about any shampoo

If your hair is dry all the time, it is a sign that you need to start using more hair products that provides intense moisture and hydration. Often, shampoos that leave the scalp absolutely clean can be stripping the scalp of its oils. Apply argan oil on a regular basis or follow shampooing with an argan oil based conditioner.

6. Tying hair in a top knot

Top knots or styles where the hair is worn up can cause tension in the strands. This causes hair to pull out at the roots and breakage. If you want to try a ponytail or tight bun at the top, alternate it with a relaxed style or use an alternative hairstyle.

7. Excessive sun exposure

One common mistake is to overlook protection while stepping out in the sun. Wear a hat or a bandana at all times in the daytime, especially if you’re undergoing scalp treatment. Excessive sun exposure leads to graying, dryness, and split ends.

8. Using products with harmful ingredients

Not looking at the ingredients and additives in your hair products is sure to ruin your hair forever. The shampoo you presently use could contain harmful parabens and alcohols that damage the scalp. PHS Hairscience offers hair products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to hairsprays and hair creams. These are totally free from parabens, benzophenones, mineral oil and animal products.

9. Going overboard with dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is commonly used to stretch the time between two washes. However, it can also cause product buildup and lead to dandruff. Do not replace regular shampoo with dry shampoo.

10. Ignoring nutrition and sleep

Not sleeping enough or irregular eating habits can wreak havoc on your hair. Eat a balanced diet, consisting of good fats and protein, and use a nourishing agent like argan oil on a regular basis.